PHAB is a nation-wide organisation, charity no. 283931.

PHAB is about releasing ability and achieving real fulfilment - for everybody.

PHAB is unique because it creates opportunities for both the able bodied and the physically impaired person... because it recognises that equality begins with - depends upon - a freeing of minds... because first and foremost it is attitudes that are disabling... not only to the person who is unfairly judged, but also for the person who is threatened by a fear of disability, or limited by embarrassment... and if equality depends upon a mutual understanding of each other's needs, ambitions and abilities... it is quickened through friendship... which depends upon opportunities to meet, learn and enjoy life together...

This is what PHAB does:

·         Clubs which belong to and are run by the disabled and able bodied people who make them happen.

·         An area, divisional and national structure for support, development, training and events.

·         Training for everyone working with PHAB in the committee through workshops, conferences, and training weekends.

·         A special emphasis on work with children and young people, through junior PHAB clubs, playschemes and playgroups.

·         Residential holidays and courses in all parts of the UK for all age groups.

·         An information service for booklets, films and speakers.


We have weekly meetings either at Fourways or out and about. We have also been on several club holidays.

 PLEASE NOTE: We are now back at Fourways!!!!! Hooray!!!!!

A committee of volunteer members assist the chairman, Mr Brian Knight ( aka Captain Phabulous) in organising the programme and events.