Poole and District PHAB Club was the first to be started in Dorset.  National PHAB was started way back in 1957 and Poole and District PHAB first appeared on the scene in 1972. It's divisional original home was St Michael's Hall, Hamworthy and consisted of about 45 members. During the next seven years the Club had four homes, the last one being at Alderney Youth Club, by which time the membership had grown to 60. As Fourways was built in 1979, this became our latest home: we have been there about 20 years and now have over 100 members.

Earlier events over the years!

Club holiday - July 1973, Camping at Bridport.

Sponsored Walk - 1975 Between Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers.

Sponsored Walk - 4 members from Trowbridge to Poole Park (52 Miles)

Sponsored Marathon Mon Oct 4th 1976 - 12 members did a 48 hour board games marathon raising £450 towards new premises.

1975 - the year the club had its first transport - 32 seater coach.

20th July 1980 - Day visit to Winchester Phab Club

On Saturday December 20th 1980 - a Christmas Party at the Royal Oak and Gas Tavern in Poole.

October 1981 - saw the arrival of Captain Phabulous and brother Peter!

1982 - Princess Anne visits Wilton House, Salisbury as part of Phab Silver Jubilee Open Day. 10,000 people turned out to see her!

1982,1983,1984 - had Club Holiday's at Butlins, Bogner and Phwelli.

August 28 1985 - at the Sea View Hotel, Jackie Blackburn receives a cheque for £403. Regulars at the pub held a Street Party and held a sponsored Jail Break

Later years!

4th June 1995 - Poole Marathon - Captain Phabulous completes his first Marathon.

1996 and 1997- Poole Phab Club Holidays to Butlins, Minehead.

May 1997 - Phab's 40th Birthday Party at Newtown Conservative Club for the Dorset Phabbers.

1997-1999 - Poole Phab sends members to Heartbeat Hike, in Hyde Park, London.

2000 – Captain Phabulous completes his fifth London Marathon!

            Poole Phab Launches New Website


Poole Phab Holds Millennium Party



2002    Poole Phab celebrates it’s  30th Anniversary coinciding with

                                           National Phab’s 45th Anniversary

            Poole Phab Holds Jubilee Party



2007    Mrs Christina Smith Appointed President of Poole Phab


Poole Phab celebrates it’s 35th Anniversary coinciding with

                                                National Phab’s 50th Anniversary